Creating a new comparison is straightforward. Click on 'Create Comparison', select the airlines you want to include in it, click "Add", enter the name you want it known by and then click Save. If accessing one of your saved Comparisons, select it from the dropdown menu under Load existing.

Comparisons compare the selected airlines across all financial and operating parameters. The "i" button can remind you of which airlines are included in the comparison.

The currency you wish the comparison to report in should be selected in your User Settings.

The following choices are available on the 'View Comparison Page':

Financial overview

  • a summary of key financial and operational parameters

Financial statement analysis

  • Income statement
  • Statement of Other Comprehensive Income
  • Balance Sheet

Other financial information

  • Share information
  • Common size income statement
  • Common size balance sheet

Operations, revenue and cost analysis

  • Operational data
  • Revenue analysis
  • EBITDAR costs analysis
  • Total operating costs analysis


Where the small chart icon appears, simple line, column or bar charts can be displayed for the single variable. The Charts tab offers a menu of more complex single and multi-variable charts. More information on charts is located here.